Characters 人物

Mother’s Day gift


Mama, I brought you a lovely little guest. Happy Mothers’ Day!
The guest lingered for more than half an hour. A surprise, a special gift!
妈妈,我给您带来了一个可爱的小客人。 母亲节快乐!
小客人停留了半个多小时。 好惊喜,一个特别的礼物!

Social 社交



Last week I made six chocolate brownie cakes. Four of them were sent to my neighbors on both sides of the street. A new neighbor just moved in for a year. A few days ago, they got a new born baby. But, of course no party. One old couple live next door. I can ask their help at any time. An old couple live in the other side of the street. They have no children. They work in different churches. Such wise and warm people. The neighbor on the opposite side is a big family. They invited me to spend the last Christmas with them together. My daughter saw me how to make a surprise to our lovely neighbors. She asked me if she can send her surprise to her best friends too. So I have to make two more cakes. During the isolation, we made some surprises for the neighbors. In addition to the virus that scared everyone, there are many sweet molecules in the air. Eat few more bites of chocolate and have more happiness. A few days later, there was a small surprise in front of my door. A bouquet of spring color from the old couple. The Corona isolation kept the distance between people’s bodies, but on the contrary shortened the distance between people’s hearts.