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The influence of Vermeer


Since the age of 3, Isabel likes to play with scarves creatively. Sometimes she can play with two or three scarves for an hour or two by herself. When she was 7 years old, one day I suddenly found her one moment when she focus on painting with full of style. I quietly picked up the camera and whispered to her. She looked back with a very calm and peaceful expression. I pressed the camera shutter without hesitation, and then couldn’t help but laugh. This independent image design is truly amazing, combining the essence of Vermeer’s different paintings. Before she was three years old, a poster of “A Lady Writing a Letter” was hung in my living room. Before she was seven years old, she had been to the Mauritius Huis three times and had seen “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. It is estimated that her creative inspiration comes from early memories.

Cultivation and good taste require time and energy to cultivate. And many times you do not see big plans and large-scale. We unknowingly infiltrate our children with valuable information for a long time. And we need to take action anytime and anywhere. Don’t expect short-term impact, but the end result is usually surprising. But you need to have one pair of observant eyes. Otherwise you will miss many subtle, seemingly random movements and works. The so-called value is whether you are worth it.

一和君从3岁时就喜欢用围巾做文章,有时候一个人在那里用两三条围巾能玩耍一两个小时。在她7岁时,有一日突然发现她富有造型的专注画画。我悄悄拿起相机轻呼她一声,她暮然回眸,好平和静谧的表情。一秒内按下快门,然后我就忍不住笑起来了。这个独立形象设计真是绝了,综合了Vermeer不同画作的精髓。在她三岁前,我家客厅中挂了一幅《写信少女A Lady Writing a Letter》的Poster。七岁前她去过三次Mauritius Huis博物馆,见过《戴珍珠耳环的少女Girl with a Pearl Earring》。估计她的创作灵感来源于早年的记忆。

修养和品味需要花时间花精力培养,很多时候看不出大刀阔斧的规模。在不知不觉中渗透是一个长时间的随时随地的行动。不要预期短期效应,但最终收效往往是令人惊喜的。不过你需要有一双善于观察的眼睛,否则你会错过很多细微的看似随意的行为和作品。 所谓的价值就是你自己是否觉得值得。