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Easter Greeting 2020

复活节问候 2020

Photographer, Chef, Piano, Film all by XiaoJia Xu 摄影,厨师,钢琴演奏,影片拍摄剪辑由 XiaoJia Xu 完成。

The first attempt. Although a bit slow at the beginning, but it is always good to have results. 第一次尝试。 虽然开始创作时有点慢,但是能取得结果总是好的。

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Last week I made six chocolate brownie cakes. Four of them were sent to my neighbors on both sides of the street. A new neighbor just moved in for a year. A few days ago, they got a new born baby. But, of course no party. One old couple live next door. I can ask their help at any time. An old couple live in the other side of the street. They have no children. They work in different churches. Such wise and warm people. The neighbor on the opposite side is a big family. They invited me to spend the last Christmas with them together. My daughter saw me how to make a surprise to our lovely neighbors. She asked me if she can send her surprise to her best friends too. So I have to make two more cakes. During the isolation, we made some surprises for the neighbors. In addition to the virus that scared everyone, there are many sweet molecules in the air. Eat few more bites of chocolate and have more happiness. A few days later, there was a small surprise in front of my door. A bouquet of spring color from the old couple. The Corona isolation kept the distance between people’s bodies, but on the contrary shortened the distance between people’s hearts.




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Little April

Because of her mother’s academic research, four years old April came to the Netherlands with her parents last year. By chance, she found me to learn piano. After 10 months knowing each other they will return to Xi’an this Saturday. I made a dinner for them last Sunday. That evening she said many times that she didn’t want to leave me. In fact, she has mentioned it many times in the past two months. I promised her to see her when I am in China, and she can see me when she comes to the Netherlands. When it was time to say goodbye, she stopped talking and couldn’t help crying. I hugged her and said, “We will meet soon, you will make me cry.” I really cried. She resisted wiping her tears silently until my front door opened. She was crying loudly against the storm in the “darkness” (she described).

I closed the door, returned to the kitchen and started to cry. So innocent, I really want to stay at five. Perhaps the child felt the pure land in my heart and spread her love with open arms without reservation. This expression of love should be the highest compliment!

Open the refrigerator and saw the meat bread that April’s parents made for me. Tomorrow I will eat them, delicious! The beauty of life comes and goes. We will continue to harvest in real life.


因为妈妈的学术研究,小四月(April)随爸妈一年前来到荷兰。机缘巧合找到我学钢琴,当时她四岁。10个月时间一晃而过,她现在五岁了,本周六他们一家将返回西安。上周末我为他们做了顿晚餐,算是个简单的饯行。当晚她说了好多次不想离开我,其实过去两三个月里她已经提到过很多次了,我们大人给她不断心理建设,许诺她我去中国时去看她,她来荷兰时来找我。当真到告别时,她欲言又止,然后忍不住哭泣。我抱着她说:“我们很快就见面了,你这样会把我也弄哭的。” 我是真的也掉眼泪了。她强忍着无声的抹眼泪,直到大门打开,迎着漆黑(她当晚形容夜晚的词汇)中的大风放声大哭。