Private Music Lessen

Piano, Cello and Chamber Music lessens


  • Teaching language in Dutch, English or Chinese
  • 授课语言可选择荷兰文,英文或中文
  • Face to face private lessens or Online private lessens
  • 一对一面授课程或一对一在线课程
  • Location: Hilversum
  • 地点:Hilversum
  • Jazz piano lessens in Haarlem or online

  • Solving your technique problems, train your abilities. Professional musician, nearly 30 years teaching experiences. The lessons for Children or adults; for beginners, advanced players or music ensembles.
  • 解决专业技能问题,训练各项能力。由近30年教学经验的专业人士授课。授课对象:儿童、成人;初学者、资深演奏者或音乐组合。

XiaoJia Xu started learning piano at the age of four and cello at the age of eight. She studied at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, the Sweelinck Conservatory of Music in Amsterdam and the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. Nearly 30 years of teaching experience and teaches students in accordance with their different ages and cultural backgrounds.



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