Cooking 厨艺

Cooking with no rules 自由烹饪

1 dish 1 day No.5 一日一食

I don’t like cooking according to recipes. Modifying the rules is the norm. I made a cake today and halved the butter and sugar. Soy milk is used instead of milk. Add eggs, lemon, shredded coconut and Xinjiang raisins. Such a big change did not fail in the end. So I have enough reason to continue my own judgement.
In addition to changing the routine, I also like creativity. I used Mexican tortillas to spread the eggs and then smeared my own pasta sauce. Bake in the oven for three minutes. And take out, roll all kinds of fresh vegetables in. Isn’t this a Turkish pizza!
Butter becomes vegetable oil, and halved the dosage. Reduce sugar in half. Fresh carrot cake successfully baked!