Education 教育

Learning process   学习的过程



Last week, I accompanied my daughter to do her geography homework. I found that Sicily was marked on Sardinia on the map issued by the school. I asked my daughter to find the world atlas to confirm the correct location of Sicily. I hope she will tell the teacher about her discovery the next day.

When I picked her up from school the next day, she took the initiative to tell me that today’s geography quiz is to fill in all the geographic locations reviewed in her homework. She said that she got a perfect score of 10. But two classmates of her got 10+. I asked why? She said that because those two kids marked the correct location of Sicily. I was puzzled and asked her: “Did you not mark the right position? We corrected the error in the school textbook yesterday.” She said that she finally answered same as in the textbook. And she did not tell the teacher that she found the error from the textbook. “Why don’t you believe that you are right?” I asked. She looked a bit irratable: “Is this so important?”
“It is very important,” I said. “You need at least to try to defend the truth.”

When I think this topic again, I still beleive it is really important. It takes a process to learn how to fight in right reasons and defend your opinions. How long of this process depend on different personalities. My daughter is a person who normally doesn’t take the initiative to fight for her speaking right. It takes courage to stand up. I hope she can understand the importance of adhering to the truth, and learn to try her best and persevere bravely.