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Birthday surprise!


I received my first birthday present this year in advance. The surprise came from a Dutch couple friend. Their eldest daughter is my daughter’s best friend. They met for the first time in kindergarten 8 years ago. Going to elementary school is also together. It is a very happy thing to have a childhood friend. As parents, we have also become trusted good friends. Their younger daughter and I have a birthday in the same day. So they will not forget to congratulate me every year.

Fate has a magical aspect. But think about it carefully, the first acquaintance and the deep understanding are also the results of our initiative actions. At the beginning, opportunities were created by us for our children to play together. Later, we found that we could become friends as well. Of course, you need luck to make a right choice. But “Birds of a feather flock together” is the same everywhere. It is estimated that this is what we call fate!

Today is my birthday. I made many cakes early in the morning and put in a basket. I brought a surprise to this little girl who had the same birthday as me. Sharing makes me especially happy. Good friends are: you are in my heart, I am in your heart.

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Birthday Noodles 长寿面

1 dish 1 day No.7 一日一食

The tradition in China is that birthday girl/boy has to eat noodles on her/his birthday. Noodles are called “longevity noodles”. “Longevity noodles” are long and thin noodles that represent the longevity of the birthday girl/boy. In China, eating longevity noodles has a history of more than one thousand years. The main reason is that “noodes (面mian)” is similar to “life(命ming)” in pronunciation. And long noodles means long life. Wish me a healthy and happy long life!