Cooking 厨艺 Social 社交

Season food 当季食品

1 dish 1 day No.6 一日一食

This year is a strange year. All activities have stopped since March. Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club is normally a socially active place for the members. It has suddenly disappeared from my calendar. Every May in Koniklijke IGC have traditional dinner parties, such as herring night and white asparagus dinner. It seems that this year can only be self-reliant. Last weekend, my friend from the south came to visit me and brought fresh white asparagus. So, I put on my apron and doing the cooking. Finally I enjoy my own Slow Food.

Characters 人物 Education 教育

We are together


Isabel drew a picture for her weekend Chinese School. Content is the current status. Due to the epidemic, for a 10-year-old child, daily life has changed a lot. For her, going to school is actually a socializing. In the past ten weeks, not only she has stopped her normal social environment, but other daily activities are also impossible, such as swimming training, dancing and horse riding… Of course, these days of not going to school are also different from holidays. All public places are closed. This is a challenge for everyone.

Children are easier to adapt to the living environment than we (adults) can imagine. They have unique radar systems to find their own tracks. Sometimes, instead of worrying about whether they can adapt to the environment, it is better to calmly face the less satisfying life situation with them together.

By the way, did you see the sign “Keeping the distance of 1.50m”? 

一和君为她的周末中文学校画了一幅画。 内容是当前的隔离状态。 由于新冠病毒这一流行病,对于一个10岁的孩子来说,日常生活发生了很大变化。 对她来说,原来上学最重要的是一种社交活动。 可是在过去的十个星期中,她不仅停止了她平时正常的社交环境,而且其他日常活动也无法进行,例如游泳训练,跳舞和骑马…… 当然,这些不上学的日子同以往的假期也非常不同, 所有公共场所都关闭,这些状况对每个人都是一个挑战。

其实儿童比我们(成人)想象的更容易适应生存环境,他们拥有独特的雷达系统来寻找自己的航迹。 有时候,与其无限担心他们是否能够适应环境,不如与他们一起平静地面对这突如其来的生活状况。



Cooking 厨艺

Cooking with no rules 自由烹饪

1 dish 1 day No.5 一日一食

I don’t like cooking according to recipes. Modifying the rules is the norm. I made a cake today and halved the butter and sugar. Soy milk is used instead of milk. Add eggs, lemon, shredded coconut and Xinjiang raisins. Such a big change did not fail in the end. So I have enough reason to continue my own judgement.
In addition to changing the routine, I also like creativity. I used Mexican tortillas to spread the eggs and then smeared my own pasta sauce. Bake in the oven for three minutes. And take out, roll all kinds of fresh vegetables in. Isn’t this a Turkish pizza!
Butter becomes vegetable oil, and halved the dosage. Reduce sugar in half. Fresh carrot cake successfully baked!
Cooking 厨艺

Fresh Juice 鲜榨果汁

1 dish 1 day No.4 一日一食

Raspberry, blueberry, orange, strawberry 覆盆子,蓝莓,橙子,草莓
Banana, apple, orange 香蕉,苹果,橙子
Mango, orange, kiwi, banana 芒果,橙子,猕猴桃,香蕉
Milk Shake: Bananas, tangerine, oranges and Greek full-fat plain yogurt
Cooking 厨艺

Egg pancakes 蛋饼

1 day 1 dish No.3 一日一食

The beautiful colors make people appetite. Simple recipes can be delicious and nutritious. In fact, it uses just a little fantasy, which can make your daily life a little exciting.


Vegetarian egg pancake: Stir fry mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and sun dried tomatoes briefly. Stir the eggs and pour in.
Egg pancake: Stir fry ham, mushrooms, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and zucchini briefly. Stir the eggs and pour in.
Egg pancake: Stir fry Spanish salami, cherry tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes briefly. Stir the eggs and pour in.

Characters 人物

Mother’s Day gift


Mama, I brought you a lovely little guest. Happy Mothers’ Day!
The guest lingered for more than half an hour. A surprise, a special gift!
妈妈,我给您带来了一个可爱的小客人。 母亲节快乐!
小客人停留了半个多小时。 好惊喜,一个特别的礼物!

Cooking 厨艺

Fried noodles 虾仁炒面

1 dish 1 day No.2 一日一食

Fried noodles with shrimp 虾仁炒面

Characters 人物

Children’s small talk

童言童趣 1, 2


My daughter visited the Royal Palace in Amsterdam at the age of one and a half. She pointed to the splendid mural of the golden ceiling: “The angels forgot to wear their jackets.”


女儿三岁时听音乐有感而发:“妈妈,这是谁写的?” “巴赫。” “他在哪?” “他已经不在了,去世了。” “这是谁写的?” “莫扎特。” “他也去世了吗?” “是。”  “这是谁写的?” “肖邦。” “他去世了吗?” “是。” “这个我最喜欢了,不管他是谁,我确定他也去世了。” 

My daughter listened to music when she was three years old: “Mama, who wrote this?” “Bach.” “Where is he?” “He is no longer here. He is died.” “Who wrote this?” “Mozart.” ” Did he die too?” ” Yes.” “Who wrote this?” “Chopin.” “Did he die?” “Yes.” “I like this most. No matter who he is, I’m sure he also died.”


Education 教育 Music 音乐

Free Style


5-year-old Isabel and 8-year-old Irene unexpectedly improvised Chinese style music when they first played four hands together.
Cooking 厨艺

Spinach Salad 芝麻酱拌菠菜

1 dish 1 day No.1 一日一食

Spinach Salad 芝麻酱拌菠菜
Water cooked spinach with sesame paste, sesame oil and balsamico vinegar. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.